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"Adventure can mean many things, but the adventure I speak of is stepping into the unknown, stepping out of your comfort zone, it's personal growth and self-discovery, it's trying new things! It's letting your innermost desires come to life! So think outside of the box, draw outside the lines, and try something new, you might be quite surprised with what you find out about yourself!"

Maria is a professional artist currently creating from her home studio in Valparaiso, Indiana! Art has helped her become the person she was meant to be! She hopes her art gives you passion to help you on your journey to see what possibilities lie within you too.


These long-time perfected prints are rich in tones, they have a smooth finish and subtle glare. 

Aplenty Print Mock2.jpg
magick garden5_edited.jpg

My original pieces! Created with an array of mixed media materials and beautiful juicy oil paints! Each piece has its own story to tell.


Beautiful woven tapestry blankets are now available!

These are very versatile, you can use them as a blanket to cuddle on the couch, take it to the beach to use as a picnic blanket, or hang it on the wall as a piece of art!

magicgarden print mock1.jpg

Magical Garden Fine Art Print

Colorful Magic happening with the gathering of the forest creatures!

Each print is made to order- or also known as "in-house". Your new print will be shipped to you from my home studio in Valparaiso, Indiana. Printed on beautiful paper with rich tones and a smooth finish with subtle glare! It's my favorite paper of all for art prints!


Each print with come signed and with a stamp (on the back) of certification. I also like to print a thin white border.


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