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Embrace the radiance of your uniqueness; do not dim your light to conform, instead let it shine brightly!


"As an artist, my canvas becomes a portal to the enchanted realms of nature and the whimsical spirits of animals, where I seek to weave the essence of these wonders into my paintings. Being an introvert, I find solace and inspiration in the gentle whispers of the forests and the comforting presence of creatures great and small. With each brushstroke, I hope to emulate the mystical aura that surrounds the natural world, infusing my creations with an otherworldly charm that transports viewers to realms of magic and wonder. My art is a reflection of the beauty I see and a celebration of the enchantment that permeates every leaf, every creature, and every being".

Maria is a professional artist currently creating from her home studio in Valparaiso, Indiana. Art has helped her become the person she was meant to be. She hopes her art gives you passion to help you on your journey to see what possibilities lie within you too.


Exciting news! Introducing my latest collection of prints, now available for you to admire in your space with shimmering wonder. Each print is lovingly produced on fine art cotton paper, ensuring both durability and exquisite texture. But what truly sets these prints apart is the touch of enchantment added by hand – delicate additions of gold and silver foil, intricate details brought to life with markers, and a sprinkling of pearl powders to infuse each piece with ethereal luminescence. With these prints, your walls will come alive with a mystical allure, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where magic and beauty intertwine effortlessly. ✨


My original pieces are crafted with a fusion of mixed media materials and deliciously smooth, buttery, oil paints! Each painting is waiting to share its unique tale with you. Within the layers of colors and textures, lies a narrative waiting to unfold, a story woven with passion and creativity.

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These blankets are more than just cozy throws – they are versatile companions for any occasion! Whether you're snuggled up on the couch, lounging by the beach for a picnic, or seeking to adorn your walls with a stunning piece of art, these tapestry blankets are the perfect choice!

Stunning. I love her. She’s perfect on the metallic paper. Not sure how Maria makes this magic happen. She knocks it out of the park every time.

Sheila, IN

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