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Art has the power to enhance one's life. It connects deep in our souls and brings out our most desired dreams. Art is romantic, enchanting, and empowering. Don't live a life of conformity, let your unique personality shine bright! 


Meet Maria, a multi-passionate creative soul whose journey began with drawing, digital art, and photography, eventually leading her to discover her love for painting with watercolors, acrylics, and oils. Eager to hone her skills further, she enrolled in the Milan Art Institute's Mastery Program, where she continued to refine her craft. Inspired by nature, Maria seeks to weave stories of inner desires, adventure, and magic through her art.


Nestled in her cozy studio in Valparaiso, Indiana, Maria finds solace and inspiration while drinking hot coffee, travel adventures, and quality time with her family and beloved pets.

With dreams of exploring all the National Parks and participating in Artist Residencies, her journey as an artist is just beginning to unfold!


 You can discover Maria's enchanting artworks on her website, ETSY, Society6, and Redbubble. Follow along on her creative journey on Instagram @mariaoverlay_art.

"What's my definition of success? Listening to what your heart says, standing up for what you know is right. Creating something no one else can, being brave enough to dream big. It's a person that can take the failures in their life and turn them into motivation"


When we allow ourselves to experience awe, it enhances our reasoning, provides new insights, strengthens our sense of shared identity, and heals trauma, grief, and loneliness.

— Dacher Keltner

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