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Magical Garden Featured In Valpo!

I am so excited to share with you that I was asked by the City of Valparaiso, Indiana (where I live) to have my art featured on a Utility Box Wrap! Let me tell you, it is unbelievable how cool this looks in person!

Oil Painting of animals on Utility Box
Magical Garden Painting as a Printed Wrap!

My painting was in progress when I shared it on Facebook and Instagram. I posted a video in real-time of me painting the deer! Soon after I got an email from Maggie, who works for the city and asked if I wanted my art featured and printed on a Wrap for one of the city's utility boxes! I of course said, yes!

After finishing the painting in oil paints and letting it dry, I took photos of it and sent over the edited (and as large as I could make possible) image to the city for their designer to place on the wrap template along with my logo/signature.

I was shown the design and approved it, I thought it looked amazing!

Then in November, I got an email from Maggie notifying me that the wrap was ready! I went over with my son and we took pictures of the finished work along with myself aside it to use for the city's Facebook page and website!

Art Wrap for City Utility Box
Side View of the Printed Wrap with a lovely Sunset in the Background

Art on Wrap for City Utility Box
View of the Wrap closest to the Walking Trail

I got so many nice compliments on the wrap, and I am truly honored to have my art featured! I hope as people walk by on the trail or pass by in their car, it brings them a little extra joy to see it!

magical garden oil painting
Magical Garden Painting

Above is this finished mixed-media and oil painting of Magical Garden! This painting is a 24x36 Inch Canvas Painting and it is still available! You can check it out here;

If you are an artist living in the Northwest Indiana area and you think you might be interested in turning your art into a Utility Box Wrap follow this link for more info!

"Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate" ~Uknown

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